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I’ve watched all kinds of porn in my time. All different niches and categories. I’d like to say I’m well rounded. I always check out all the options available and look for new experiences. It’s the same with porn. You never know when you’ll watch something that you never imagined would turn you on, and bam, your cock is standing at attention. This happens to me quite often. My dick definitely has his own opinion on what he likes.

Lately I’ve been into teen porn. A lot of the sites are done very poorly though and the girls look like they’re forty. That’s when a friend told me I could use this Wow Girls discount for 86% off. I didn’t have anything to lose so I gave it a shot. My dick started paying attention from the very beginning. This isn’t what I was used to. The babes at this site are fresh and energetic not to mention sexier than any I’ve ever seen. This is by far my new favorite teen porn site.

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Have you ever had your wife or girlfriend wear lingerie for you? It’s always an exciting experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to receive head or get some ass from a chick even if she’s in sweatpants, but when she puts the effort into putting on some sexy new lingerie, I always know that I’m in for one hot new surprise.

Maybe that’s why I always am turned on by lingerie sites. I always associate a woman in lingerie with all of the naughty things that are about to go down. The only downside is that most lingerie sites end up just giving a tease. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all fine and dandy, but if I just wanted to see a chick in bras and underpants I could pick up any department store catalog. I need the best of both worlds here!

This lifetime discount access to Lingerie AV delivers just that- sexy Asian babes in hot lingerie, all wrapped up like a gift just for you, but you also get to see them undressed and fucked like you love! What’s even better is you get full network access to over a dozen sites with this one!

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If you’re this hot you could get away with murder with me, but not with wasting beer, that’s where I draw the line. So you better let me lick that off of you.

This is Nikki Sims who also goes by Christina Kuehner, Chipmunk and Next Door Nikki. You might not guess it but she,s 34 years old (born on 6 February 1984) and she’s been in the porn game for quite some time, a well seasoned performer.

She hails from Naperville, Illinois, USA, stands 5’4 tall and weighs 117lbs… not that you’re supposed to give away a lady’s weight. Oh wait, that’s right, she’s not a lady, she’s a feisty vixen.

She has many fantastic assets and has had quite a few looks over the years but I do believe her most deadly weapon is her 34DD’s she wields so proudly and flaunts so wildly.

I’m here to tell you that you can get a discount to Nikki Sims for 41% off and thereby become a member of her exclusive dedicated site.

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If you haven’t met Bryci yet you’re about to be in for the surprise of your life. She’s been in the industry long enough to know exactly what viewers want. She finds the hottest girls that love sex and want to work from home making a ton of money. These girls are already having a ton of sex so why not let the world see?

This site has girls in all different scenarios that are sure to get you rock hard. Watch as they do a striptease just for you. Turning you on as they go. Then they pleasure themselves for everyone to watch. Sometimes they use toys other times they just use their hands. Either way you can clearly see how wet they get. Once they have you good and hard they finish you off in a number of erotic ways.

Get this now and watch the girls by themselves or with partners. There’s something for everyone at this site. Watch and be blown away time and again.

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I’ve always had a fear of water. There isn’t any real reason for it that I’m aware of. I’m just terrified I’ll drown. I realize that as an adult this is completely irrational so I decided I was going to overcome my fear. A friend of mine told me he knew of an instructor that used unconventional methods to encourage her clients. Sounded good to me so I called and made an appointment. When she showed up at my house I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was. I’m talking Baywatch material.

To say her methods were unconventional is quite the understatement. She worked off of a reward system. Now keep in mind how hot she is. Every time I did as she instructed and did it well she would take off an article of clothing. Needless to say I was a swimming champ in no time.

Join now and get a discount to Brazzers for up to 67% off and see all the hot porn stars in water you can handle at one low price.

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This site is AMAZING! When I signed in I was hoping to find at least one girl to satisfy my picky taste but I ended up not even being able to pick just one!  They have over 300 amateur teen models to choose from! Once you pick the lucky little lady of your dreams you have hundreds of photos to peruse through, behind the scenes for a more personal touch and my personal favorite….LIVE CAMS! And when you’re done with her you can move right on to the next! But wait, it gets better!

By signing up you also get access to 9 other sites!  Why wouldn’t you want to get erotic with a 67% off discount to Rylsky Art! That’s not a typo!  You can really get all of this and save $20!  Seriously over 300 of the hottest teen models just starting to explore softcore porn!  You get access to photos, live cams, videos or behind the scenes to get to know your favorite even better.  They even offer backstage access so you can watch the magic happen! And don’t worry about wanting variety they update almost daily!  Enjoy!

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When it comes to sexy teens and their tight wet pussies, how much do you think you can handle? Do you think you could take on a steady stream of gorgeous babes, starting out with over 500 babes and new ones showing up every day?

If you’re worried that your cock might fall off from over-use, but you would happily give it a go, don’t worry, you can go at your own pace. These babes aren’t going anywhere. When you go to https://www.allfinegirlsdeal.com/, you’re going to get all of the sexy little sluts you can handle in amazing porn vids to enjoy whenever the urge so hits!

The video quality here is phenomenal, with 4k ultra HD quality to make you feel as if you’re really there with them. Every detail is captured in perfect clarity so you don’t miss a thing. Every one of their films is also available for instant download so you can hold onto them and watch whenever you want!

With an easy to use platform for members, and tons of hot features, there’s no where else I’d rather be to get my hot teen porn. You should check it out for yourself to find what you’ve been missing!


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If you truly like seeing cute babes getting wet and wild, then you have to check out these hot vids! These girls not only show their sweet pussy’s off, they do so in public! This gives a level of excitement that you will absolutely love!

So while you are getting that hot voyeur thrill while seeing gorgeous sluts pissing in public, you’ll also be saving tons of cash when you use this deal  to get up to 60% off Got 2 Pee!

There are over 600 scenes currently to enjoy. They all feature gorgeous girls lifting their skirts or pulling down their pants revealing their perfect asses and pretty pussies and then relieving themselves in public. You get to see it all in gorgeous HD quality!

There is also unlimited downloads or streaming right from their site, so if you feel the urgency to watch as deeply as they feel the urgency to go, you can always get these vids fast! In fact, it’s even smart phone compatible, so there’s never a time when you can’t get the hot action on demand!

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You know that when a girl start her porn career at the tender age of 18 that she is committed. Tori Black is all that and more. She has a set of tits that I swear look so perfect, the only way that they look better is when she is taking a thick cock between them. Personally I think she is one of the sexiest pornstars on the planet.

Tori really does go the extra mile in any of the scenes that she is featured in. There is no faking it when it comes to her and you can tell that she is loving life and taking cock just makes it even better. This slender brunette knockout has really come of age and just like a good bottle of wine she is getting better with each passing minute.

Tori Black in mobile cumshot videos is something that everyone seems to be looking for. They want to be able to enjoy this stunner no matter where they are. I agree with them wholeheartedly, in fact I think we all should be seeing more of this girl and her smoking hot body in xxx action scenes!

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Shame on me really.

Twistys was one of my first favorite porn sites quite some years ago and for some reason they fell out of the spotlight and I forgot about them. No idea why exactly really since their porn seems as top notch as ever. The photography/filming and sets in particular are simply spectacular.

It not only then I wanted to chat about though. This list of Top Paid Porn Sites happens to be quite nostalgic and really just reminds me of how spoilt for choice we are especially when a compendium of porn discounts of this caliber is slapped together.

Every mainstream porn genre you can mention is represented here and I am rather certain more than once giving you so many more options. There is not a single weak deal on the list and if anything I wish you luck in coming up with list as short as you promised yourself before you started browsing.

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If it’s not her then I wonder if she needs a stunt double cause Angela’s not scared of anything if the the way she fucks is anything to go by. As desensitised as I am to mainstream porn that ‘lady’ still gets my blood pumping to the right areas.

GirlsandStuds.com discount for up to 84% off unlocks the doors to a land of beautiful people engaging in hardcore fucking. Essentially it’s Hollywood with an X-rating. I realise that to be pretty much the definition of porn in any case, but I’m not sure how else to get across that this site specifically focuses on good looking people showing off their fucking-skills.

Why it’s so cheap I have no idea since I can’t find a catch anywhere and I have some insight into this market. $5.25 for a monthly price for this kind of quality content is a rare find.


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As is obvious from the pic (bottom right numbnuts) this is one of the Mofos multi-site network’s sites. And in this case: “I know that girl”.

Now let me get this off my chest right from the get-go: Many of us might actually know a girl as hot as that. Very few of us will ever know that she’s actually that slutty in the sack and almost none of us would be the guy spending the sexy time with a girl like that.

How do I know this? Logic. We wouldn’t be reading this if we had a chick like that. So settle down my fellow fragile ego friends, 2nd prize is not bad at all here.

With this I Know That Girl discount you save 50% off the standard fee to $9.99. That’s there so we can perv at these gorgeously horny bitches in hardcore action.

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See how they raise their eyebrows and drop their jaws in disbelief of how good it actually feels to have a schlong of such massive proportions impale them. They’ll moan loudly and even scream as their faces redden with the heat of lust. Holes agape with after a proper fuck, a lot of them get down on their knees to claim their prize.

That’s when they’re showered with a splash load of cum that impacts their faces or chests, then trickles and runs down their young soft skin. Many will taste and eat the spunk as if it was the sweetest candy. They’ll lick their fingers afterwards like it’s the yummiest thing in the world. These girls are not kidding around!

Here’s where you can get your Bangbros 18 discount for up to 67% off in savings. It’ll save you nicely off full price and get you into the entire network; it’s a personal favorite of mine and I definitely recommend. Some sites included in this pass are Facial Fest, Monsters Of Cock, BangBus, Bang Casting, MILF Lessons, and Stepmom Videos.

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If you want to check out some babes that really don’t seem to know what a razor even is, then I’ve got just the deal for you. There’s a bigger WeAreHairy.com discount here than you’ll find anywhere else. This deal is going to save you 24% off full price. There’s over 600 natural amateur babes here in over 4,800 videos at-the-ready for you to play and unload your balls to.

Originally a amateur solo site, it now features hot lesbian and hardcore fucking scenes. You won’t be disappointed to see two hairy babes scissoring or a dude trying to find his way through the bush for that juicy pink hidey-spot and that milky white honey. Have fun with categories ranging from girl cum and hairy asses to hairy nipples, meaty lips, piercings, squirting and upskirt, plus more.

You can download or stream as you wish here, and even though there aren’t any bonus sites to go along with this massive hairy amateur porn collection, you will be invited as a member to join some of these babes when they go live every week to show off their hairy snatches and everything they can do with them!

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Teens are notorious for teasing a bit, aren’t they? They are in my experience, anyway. They’ll slowly strip, maybe give you a quick glance at their nipples or snatch, and have your cock standing at attention, driving you wild with lust. They like to play coy, like they’ve never done this before and, actually, when you check out this discount porn, you’ll find some that is all about defloration. Yep, there is a site just for that, if it’s what you’re into.

There’s so much more available here, too. Barely legal babes are getting busy in all kinds of ways. Some are petite, busty, or busty and petite. Some are craving some hefty BBC. Some are being very, very naughty when they’re fucking their teachers, step-family, and they’re friends. You like some hot lesbian teens right? They’re here too. Lots of deals are going for at least 50% off full price, some much more than that. So, what’s your flavor? Casual, professional, shaved, hairy? Check things out and grab the sweet deal for you today on hot teen porn!